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DanceMad was Madeleine's solo in the OKLO Phenomenon, an evening-long dance piece choreographed by Robert Wechsler and performed by the Palindrome Intermedia Performance Gruppe at the A.M.B.A.R Festival in Istanbul, Turkey in the fall of 2008. The cello part is completely improvisatory. Initially the sound of the cello is processed in real time and portions of the performance are captured for later use.  As the piece goes on, the captured portions are layered on top of the processed cello and controlled by the cellist's movements. Video from a camera trained on the cello is analyzed in real time and used to control the captured sound. At the end, the cellist puts her instrument aside entirely and controls her own sounds with her body.

The Nature Project


I started “The Nature Project” in 2005. As a long time hiker, biker, cross-country skier and environmental activist, I was looking for a way to blend my professional life with my outdoor interests and my concern for the environment. Over 25 works have been written for the project this far. These video clips from a recital at the Ear to the Earth festival are a sampling.

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